Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Climate Change is now even less than the last over-prediction

Remember when IPCC predicted that Himalayan glaciers would have melted by 2035. Then they embarrassingly had to admit they were wrong after proper scientists pointed out flaws in their data?

Now, yet another of the nightmare scenarios mankind is supposedly facing, rapidly rising sea-levels, has been debunked.

Delft University of Technology has established that the predicted Arctic & Antarctic Ice-Melt rate has been overestimated by a factor of 3.

It now turns out that the original predictions were not properly corrected for glacial isostatic adjustment, the phenomenon that the Earth’s crust rebounds as a result of the melting of the massive ice caps from the last major Ice Age around 20,000 years ago


Those of us living near the coast can sleep a little sounder in the knowledge that imminent flooding is that much less likely.

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